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SCCM membership offers an array of options to help you attain your personal and professional goals. Membership provides opportunities to volunteer for committees, join a local chapter and specialty sections, and more. Take these opportunities to network and make a bigger impact in critical care.

SCCM is now offering a new membership structure with membership types designed to meet individual member
needs, regardless of your role in critical care. Learn more about the new levels of membership available to those dedicated to the practice of critical care.

Click on the image below and check out what one of our members has to say about SCCM Membership! 

Become a member today using one of the following simple methods: 

SCCM offers current students the Professional Membership* at no cost, if they are a part of an accredited or recognized critical care fellowship program. Learn more about our Sponsored Fellows Program.

Enroll in Autorenewal
SCCM is pleased to announce a new autorenewal feature for SCCM Members! Simply join or renew and enroll in autorenewal so you never have to worry about a lapse in your membership or benefits. During checkout, you will have the option to enroll in auto renewal. If you are an existing member and would like to enroll in auto renewal, but are not yet eligible for renewal, please contact SCCM Customer Service at +1 847 827-6888. For more information, see the terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about membership, the status of your application or renewal, please contact the Customer Service Team at +1 847 827-6888 or email​. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Central Time. SCCM membership dues are not refundable. 

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To gain more benefits, members can upgrade their membership at any time.
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View standards of professional conduct for SCCM members.

This membership type provides the most basic benefits to SCCM members 

  • Discounts of up to 25% on SCCM educational programs and resources 
  • Subscription to Critical Connections, the only newsmagazine focused on critical care 
  • Online collaboration with other members through SCCM Connect and its knowledge education groups 
  • Membership in up to 3 specialty sections and ability to join a local chapter 
  • Free abstract submissions for Critical Care Congress® 
  • Access to members-only benefits in LearnICU, SCCM’s virtual library of critical care knowledge and resources
Physicians $145
Healthcare Professionals $70
Other Supporters $70

An enhanced membership type that includes all benefits of Associate Membership, plus the following additional benefits: 

* Sponsored fellows will not receive Critical Care Medicine
** View eligibility requirements
*** Contiguous United States only. Orders that qualify for this free shipping offer can only be delivered to locations in the contiguous United States. This offer is not for recipients in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico. This offer does not apply to SCCM Licensed Activity purchases.

Physicians $410
Healthcare Professionals $181
Other Supporters $181

The most enhanced membership type which includes benefits of Associate and Professional Memberships, plus the following additional benefits: 
  • Access to early registration and hotel reservations for SCCM events 
  • Entry to private lounge and invitation to exclusive events at annual Critical Care Congress 
  • Complimentary fellowship in ACCM for those who hold FCCM designation 
  • Complimentary access to all SCCM On Demand products*** and select ePublications in the SCCM Store
  • Subscription to Critical Connections, Select Edition, an eNewsletter covering exclusive topics 
Physicians $546
Healthcare Professionals $265
Other Supporters $265

*** SCCM Select Members will have complimentary access to all SCCM On Demand products as long as SCCM Select Membership status is maintained.