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Critical Connections

Critical Connections, the critical care industry's only newsmagazine, provides information on cutting-edge topics in critical care useful to the entire multiprofessional team. With features written by and for critical care professionals, updates on SCCM activities and programs, Critical Connections is a vital source of information for the critical care community.


Critical care professionals are invited to share expertise and perspective. Critical Connections accepts timely articles on clinical topics, hospital success stories and other topics involving the critical care team. Contact Melissa Nielsen for more information.

The Society offers numerous resources that reach thousands of critical care professionals and key decision makes who drive the industry. Learn more about its advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

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Reprints and Permissions
Individual articles may be distributed as a PDF upon request. For permission to reprint articles in other materials or to request additional copies of Critical Connections, contact Melissa Nielsen. A $1 per issue charge plus shipping fees may be applied to bulk requests.

Critical Connections Latest Articles

Emerging Strategies and Hot Topics in Hospital-Acquired Infection
Review the latest emerging strategies and hot topics for preventing hospital-acquired infection.
The Importance of Good Sleep in the ICU
Poor sleep can adversely affect patients’ psychological well-being. Read about the importance of good sleep in the ICU. 
The Impact of Opioids on the Delivery of Critical Care in the 21st Century
Find out the impact of opioids on critical care delivery in the 21st century. 
Using Quality Improvement Strategies to Address Burnout and Promote a Healthy Work Culture
Learn different quality improvement strategies to address burnout and promote a healthy work culture. 
Big Data Is a Big Deal: Two experts in the field share their perspective ahead of their presentations at the 49th Critical Care Congress.
Two experts in the field share their perspective ahead of their presentations at the 49th Critical Care Congress.
President’s Message: Hot Topics in Critical Care
Learn about hot topics in critical care from the SCCM President.
The New Face of Advocacy
Many factors influence the regulation of the healthcare profession in the United States. To address the complex challenges of healthcare regulation, the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) has evolved from a singular advocacy effort to a networked approach designed to leverage relationships to effectively address issues and improve the provision of critical care.
Does My Documentation Tell the Story in Critical Care?
Learn about how documentation tells a story in critical care and what you need to document to support billing critical care services. 
Navigating a Child’s Care When Parents Are Resistant to the Care Plan
Examine this case and case analysis and learn how to navigate a child's care when the parents are resistant to care. 
Early Identification of Sepsis: The Journey Since the Sepsis on the Wards Collaborative
Learn more about long-term outcomes from the Sepsis on the Wards Collaborative.