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Explore premier peer-reviewed publications aimed at improving the care of all critically ill and injured patients.

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Stay ahead of the latest advances in critical care research and technology with the Society of Critical Care Medicine's (SCCM) peer-reviewed journals. Critical Care Medicine, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, and Critical Care Explorations share innovative findings that continually improve the practice of critical care.

Professional and Select members receive a complimentary subscription to Critical Care Medicine. Join the Pediatrics Section to receive Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. Explore the broad scope of critical care with SCCM's open-access journal, Critical Care Explorations.

SCCM’s journals offer:

  • Peer-reviewed articles written by a team of experts in the field of critical care
  • Trusted and globally recognized resources with the latest research on innovative therapies and novel approaches in critical care
  • Visual abstracts, supplemental digital content, and videos for selected articles that synthesize content and highlight key findings

SCCM Journals Moving to Fully Online

SCCM  is excited to announce that CCM and PCCM will transition to a fully online format beginning with the January 2025 issues. The decision to discontinue the print issues aligns with how readers are already consuming content and offers numerous benefits such as instant access, reduced environmental impact, and more in-depth content delivered in new ways. Read More About The Change

Frequently Asked Questions

When are CCM and PCCM moving to fully online?
The journals will be fully online starting January 2025. The December 2024 issues will be the last print editions.
Why are CCM and PCCM moving to fully online?
The SCCM journals are adapting to more modern learning preferences that allow readers to access the latest information more quickly and easily to help them better care for patients.

SCCM is committed to environmental sustainability. The fully-online format helps reduce the impacts of climate change and reduce carbon emissions.
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What features do the online journals offer?
In addition to the features already available, the online journals will offer an enhanced reader experience including more high-quality, color images.

The online journals allow for more in-depth content delivered in new ways.  More digital content such as podcasts, videos, infographics, and visual abstracts will be available, providing readers with diverse options for engaging and exploring the content.
Will there be any cost changes for subscriptions?
The CCM subscription fee for SCCM Professional and Select members will remain part of the membership dues. The PCCM subscription fee is included in the SCCM Pediatrics Section fee, which will be lowered from $249 to $199 in January 2025.

For Authors

Will the submission guidelines or process change for online-only manuscripts?
The process will remain the same for submissions. There will no longer be a charge for color images. View submission information for CCM or PCCM.
Will there be any changes in the article formatting requirements?
The inclusion of high-quality color images is highly encouraged. View submission information for CCM or PCCM.
Will the publication process change, and what are the typical timelines for this process?
The publication process will not change. Accepted articles will appear online prior to issue closing in the Latest Articles Section. There will still be monthly issues released on a set schedule.

For Subscribers

How do I access the journals online?
Access CCM and PCCM online by signing in to your MySCCM account and clicking the links on the left side under “Your Journal Links.”

SCCM Professional and Select members can also access CCM from the publisher’s website with your SCCM Customer ID and password.

Members of the SCCM Pediatrics Section can access PCCM from the publisher’s website with your SCCM credentials.
How can I stay updated as journal content is published online?
Sign up for the journal’s Electronic Table of Contents and Latest Article Alerts:
When will I receive my last print edition?
The December 2024 issues will be the last print editions.

Additional Resources

Reviewer Academy

The SCCM Reviewer Academy contains a series of five educational modules to teach, standardize, and ultimately improve the quality of reviews of manuscripts submitted to SCCM journals. Developed with the editors of SCCM journals, this course creates a structured curriculum for trainees and junior faculty to introduce review processes, develops skills required for high-quality reviews, and better defines a path to incorporate this voluntary academic work into a wider variety of professional roles.

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