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Critical Care Explorations Journal

Critical Care Explorations is the official open access, peer-reviewed journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine. 

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The Critical Care Explorations (CCE) journal is the official open access, peer-review journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM). Designed to complement SCCM’s flagship journals Critical Care Medicine and Pediatric Critical Care MedicineCritical Care Explorations provides peer-reviewed content that encompasses the broad scope of critical care and is accessible to all.

Critical Care Explorations content includes traditional articles and case reports, as well as time-sensitive information about quality and safety, methodological and technical advances, healthcare economics, advances in predictive modelling, and the impact of new studies on evidence-based practice.

Critical Care Explorations is a rapid-communication journal that serves as a forum for innovation and new information with the potential to influence the practice of critical care and impact research in the field. 

  • Critical Care Explorations is a fully open-access journal. Access to articles as well as supplemental digital content, including videos, is free.
  • Critical Care Explorations articles undergo rigorous peer-review prior to online publication and are held to high scientific and editorial standards, just like Critical Care Medicine and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.
  • An international editorial board selects articles for Critical Care Explorations that provide novel insights and relevant findings emerging at the bedside and at the bench. 
  • Critical Care Explorations content is available all the time and is truly global, offering greater opportunities for exploring international perspectives on issues related to critical care. 
Timothy G. Buchman, PhD, MD, MCCM
Critical Care Explorations Editor-in-Chief
Timothy G. Buchman, PhD, MD, MCCM
Dr. Buchman is the Founding Director at Emory Center for Critical Care in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. His research encompasses studies of physiological dynamics, predictive biology, patient monitoring, the genetics of sepsis, and ICU end-of-life care. He is working towards ICU clinicians being able to predict and plan for the future of each patient.  

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