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Norma J. Shoemaker Grant

Applications for the Norma J. Shoemaker Grant are not being accepted at the current time.  

This grant honors founding Executive Director Norma J. Shoemaker, MN, FCCM, and is given to support the research studies of an SCCM nurse member. It was created to encourage research in critical care nursing and to provide funding for the continuation of research endeavors. Each year the Norma J. Shoemaker Grant is generously supported by contributors from the industry. Funding for the $15,000 grant may be used for a period of up to two years. While SCCM has every indication funding will continue for these important research projects, it reserves the right to not select a grant winner should funding suddenly become unavailable.

Application and Submission
Applications for this grant are not being accepted at this time.

To be eligible for the grant, the applicant must:

  • Be an SCCM nurse member in good standing for at least two years prior to application.
  • Have documented attendance at a minimum of one SCCM Congress during the previous three years.
  • Not reapply as a principal investigator for five years after the original award obligations have been met.
  • Not be a current member of the Norma J. Shoemaker Grant Committee.
The applicant must provide the following completed information:

Completed Application

Curriculum vitae

Abstract - Summarize the main points of the grant proposal (limit of 300 words)

Research Plan - 10 pages (single-spaced 8 1/2 x 11 page, 1-inch margins, Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font size), excluding references, figures, and tables, that includes:

  • Clear statement of the hypothesis, if appropriate
  • Clear statements of specific aims
  • Background information
  • Statement of clinical relevance to critical care nursing and multidisciplinary critical care 
  • Discussion of experimental design

Methodology and timetables

  • Identify the variables and sample.
  • Specify the procedures, protocols, and instruments to be used.
  • Include copies of applicable instruments as an appendix to the proposal.
  • Describe the validity and reliability of the instruments (if appropriate).
  • Include the proposed timetable.
  • Describe the data analysis plan.
  • Identify potential limitations of the study.


  • Specify direct and indirect costs.
  • Include, if applicable, supplies, equipment, computer costs, consultative fees, and other expenses with justification for each item.
  • Limit indirect funds to 10% of the direct costs and include in the grant award.
  • Include a Statement of Institutional Support.
  • Include a statement from the dean or administrator of the university or institution confirming the availability of facilities and equipment.
  • Provide evidence that the proposed project or study has been reviewed and approved (or administratively reviewed as exempt) by an established institutional ethical review entity (investigations and/or animal studies at the time of the proposal submission).
  • Attach a support letter from the thesis or dissertation chair approving the research, if the study is part of the applicant’s degree program.
  • Attach a Financial Disclosures and Conflict of Interest Form.

Through a competitive application process, the recipient will be selected by members of the Norma J. Shoemaker Critical Care Nursing Research Grant Committee. Notification of the recipient will occur in December, and an announcement will be made at the SCCM Congress. 

The recipient will be expected to submit an abstract of his/her findings using the competitive research abstract selection process for Congress presentation consideration within one year of completion.

Norma J. Shoemaker Grant Recipients