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Data Science Campaign

Leverage the opportunities afforded by the rapidly evolving field of data science.

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The Discovery Data Science Campaign aims to improve the care of critically ill patients by leveraging the use of large-scale data (big data) for research, with the goal of application in a clinical environment through standardized data models and shared resources. Learn more about the three domains of the campaign below. 

Annual SCCM Datathon

Connect critical care clinicians with data scientists in a two-day event aimed at creating pragmatic, data-driven models applicable to the care of critically ill patients. 

Data Harmonization and Sharing  

Build a foundation for critical care data science to enhance its role in clinical decision-making and research. Establish principles for data standardization, sharing, and developing common data elements, validated through a pilot study.

Datahub at SCCM

Create a Discovery Critical Care Datahub to strengthen current data automation collaborations and expand future collaborations.