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Multiprofessional Critical Care Review and Assessment: Adult

Designed for clinicians seeking to review, update, and assess their adult critical care knowledge.

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The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) provides unique opportunities in multiple learning formats for all critical care professionals to prepare for critical care board examinations or to expand and assess their clinical knowledge to improve patient outcomes.

MCCR: Adult Online Course

Receive the most comprehensive review and update of the diagnosis, monitoring, and management of critically ill adult patients.

MCCR: Adult Online Course and In Person

The smart course offers an unmatched opportunity to learn through the online course and in person.

Review and Assessment Bundles

Maximize your savings and learning with a product bundle.

Comprehensive Critical Care

Find the most complete critical care textbook that reviews the full gamut of critical care topics.

Self-Assessment in Multiprofessional Critical Care

Assess your knowledge through questions, answers, and rationales from the top focus areas.

Advanced Knowledge Assessment

Evaluate your critical care knowledge through questions, rationales, and accompanying study materials.

Focused Assessment Modules

Narrow your critical care knowledge gap with hundreds of multiple-choice questions focused on specific topics.

Critical Care ConfidenCE

New! Challenge yourself with weekly critical care questions. Available only to Select and Professional SCCM members.

Multiprofessional Critical Care Review: Adult

Multiprofessional Critical Care Review: Adult

Benefit from comprehensive learning experiences, accurate knowledge assessments, and valuable study resources.

Multiprofessional Critical Care Review: Pediatric

Multiprofessional Critical Care Review: Pediatric

Customize your learning with high-quality educational programming and flexible self-study options available in various formats.

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