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Clinical Investigators Meetings

Network, learn, and discuss major topics in a welcoming environment.

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Clinical Investigators Meetings are held by Discovery, the Critical Care Research Network, throughout the year. Open to SCCM members and nonmembers alike, these meetings give investigators the opportunity to:
  • Network with other investigators
  • Learn about Discovery programs and new clinical proposals
  • Communicate with program officers from various funding agencies
  • Present new clinical proposals in an inclusive and supportive environment
Discovery Clinical Investigators Meetings are held virtually via Zoom or live and streamed via videoconference.


Spring 2023 Discovery Clinical Investigators Meeting 

What’s Next for ICU Research? 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers developed methods and technology to open new avenues of investigation. Now that these new tools are available, how else can they be used? What’s next for ICU research? 

This two-hour Clinical Investigators Meeting will focus on these questions and more. Proposals will cover such topics as: 

  • Exploring the uses of emulated clinical trials and patient-centered outcomes

  • How machine learning can be used to prioritize critical patient care

  • The benefits of multinational research groups and how to create them

This free meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Let SCCM know you’re coming. RSVP now!

April 10, 2023
1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Central Time 
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Have an Idea for a Proposal?

Discovery provides many opportunities for clinical investigators, including submission and presentation of new clinical proposals. Learn more about getting started with Discovery. Submit your proposal by March 6, 2023, to be considered for the Spring Clinical Investigators Meeting.

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