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Spreading Quality Just in Time: Human Resources

Jane Taylor, EdD, discusses resourcing spread projects with people power. She highlights how to recruit curious and smart team members internally and externally to support success.

Spreading Quality Just in Time: Measurement and Data Reporting

Jane Taylor, EdD, discusses setting the norm for improvement by using measurement and data reporting. This creates a shared language and challenges team thinking.

Spreading Quality Just in Time: Developing Learning Networks

Jane Taylor, EdD, provides insight on how to develop learning networks and how to plan for spread.

Spreading Quality Just in Time: Communication

In this learning session, Jane Taylor, EdD, explores communication strategies a team can engage to spread lessons learned from improvement projects.

Spreading Quality Just in Time: Scaling Up and Spreading Change

Jane Taylor, Ed.D, provides information on implementation of change and overcoming barriers to spread change.

Spreading Quality Just in Time: IHI’s Will, Ideas & Execution

Jane Taylor, EdD, discusses the Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) concepts of will, ideas and execution as a framework for spread of change. She discusses lessons learned from Project Fives Alive!, an IHI quality improvement initiative that seeks to develop, test, and implement strategies to overcome systems failures that lead to preventable deaths in children less than five years of age in Ghana.

Spreading Quality Just in Time: Leadership for Spread

Jane Taylor, EdD, explores the required leadership to spread improvement projects once tested and validated. Specific focus is placed on the Sepsis on the Wards project from the Society of Critical Care Medicine's Surviving Sepsis Campaign/Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Spreading Quality Just in Time: Spreading a Change  

Jane Taylor, EdD, provides information on how to tell if change is ready to spread and how to evaluate the spread.