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Tag: Analgesia And Sedation

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SCCM Pod-34 CCM: Lorazepam vs. Propofol

Shannon S. Carson, MD, as well as John P. Kress, MD, discuss their article from the May 2006 Critical Care Medicine, "A Randomized Trial of Intermittent Lorazepam vs. Propofol With Daily Interruption in Mechanically Ventilated Patients."

SCCM Pod-157 Sedation Strategies in the ICU

Troy E. Batterton, PharmD, and Dean Sandifer, MD, discuss sedation strategies in critical care, including designing, building and maintaining protocols in intensive care units.

SCCM Pod-197 CCM: Sedative Doses, Mechanical Ventilation and Delirium

Michael Weinstein, MD, FACS, FCCP, speaks with Christopher W. Seymour, MD, MSc, lead author on an article published in the October Critical Care Medicine, “Diurnal Sedative Changes During Intensive Care: Impact on Liberation from Mechanical Ventilation and Delirium.”

SCCM Pod-376 2018 PADIS Guidelines

Kyle B. Enfield, MD, speaks with John W. Devlin, PharmD, FCCM, about the article "Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Pain, Agitation/Sedation, Delirium, Immobility, and Sleep Disruption in Adult Patients in the ICU" (Devlin JW, et al. Crit Care Med. 2018;46:e825-e873).

PANDEM Guidelines for Infants and Children  

Ped Crit Care Med. 2022;23:e74-e110.

Concise Critical Appraisal: Early Sedation Using Dexmedetomidine in Critically Ill Patients

Shehabi et al (N Engl J Med. 2019;380:2506-2517) set out to examine the effects of using dexmedetomidine as the primary agent for early sedation among patients receiving ventilatory support and found that the dexmedetomidine group had a higher risk of adverse events and needed additional sedatives to achieve sedation goals.