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Become an Instructor, Director, or Consultant

Understand the criteria for becoming an instructor, director, or consultant for one of SCCM’s many hosted training opportunities.

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Hosted training opportunities are delivered by institutions through the work of qualified instructors, directors, and consultants. Each of these educational roles has specific responsibilities and eligibility requirements, which are outlined below.
Instructor Responsibilities
  • Give presentations or guide skill stations/scenarios, as assigned by the director
  • Review assigned materials beforehand and come prepared
  • Encourage audience participation
  • Adjust teaching style to learners as needed
  • Follow material without inserting personal bias

Instructor Pathway
  • Meet eligibility requirements
  • Complete hosted training with a posttest score ≥ 80%
  • Complete instructor curriculum or train-the-trainer session
  • Submit application and supporting documents
  • Teach at least two hosted training components within two years of instructor application approval
Director Responsiblities
  • Plan, organize, and conduct the hosted training
  • Ensure that the hosted training quality meets SCCM standards
  • Identify and invite faculty
  • Organize hosted training logistics and secure equipment
  • Establish learner registration process
  • Distribute hosted training materials
  • Arrange continuing education/accredited continuing education credits for in-person training (if desired)
  • Mentor and guide instructors and coordinators
  • Promote collegiality, camaraderie, and communication among all instructors
  • Complete a hosted training site evaluation
  • Provide feedback to the SCCM committee charged with the hosted training if requested

Director Pathway
  • Must be a current SCCM-approved instructor
  • Direct a hosted training with an SCCM-approved consultant
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from the observing consultant
  • Submit application and supporting documents
Consultant Responsibilities
  • Mentor and guide first-time hosted training directors and coordinators through regular communications during planning
  • Attend at least one day of the hosted training (on invitation)
  • Assess the abilities and skills of first-time directors to determine whether they should be permitted to direct hosted training without consultant supervision going forward
  • Debrief with the director and coordinator after the hosted training to help evaluate how it was run, discuss issues and concerns, and finalize the relationship
  • Provide feedback to the SCCM committee charged with the hosted training

Consultant Pathway
  • Must be a current SCCM-approved director
  • Must be a current SCCM member
  • Submit application and supporting documents
Note: Instructor, director, and consultant status are maintained by maintaining eligibility requirements and teaching in or directing at least one hosted course every two years.