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This pages provides system requirements for SCCM's eBooks

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Thank you for your interest in purchasing an eBook from the Society of Critical Care Medicine. SCCM's eBooks are published in EPUB format, which is an industry standard for electronic book files. These files are denoted by the .epub suffix at the end of file names. Once purchased, the eBook can be viewed on any electronic device that can display EPUB files. Once you have downloaded the file from the SCCM store, it is stored on your computer or electronic device. 

Please click on this link to find out if your device already has software installed for downloading an eBook.

If the sample eBook did not open, your device does not support files in the EPUB format (eg, Kindle) and you will need to download an eBook management tool that will allow you to convert EPUB files to other formats (eg; free Calibre app). Follow the eBook management tool instructions to convert the book's EPUB file to a format supported by your device. Open your eReader application to access the reformatted file containing your new e-book.

The preferred browsers for your download to non-Apple products are Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. The preferred browser for your download to Apple products is Safari. 

Once you have purchased an eBook from SCCM, the download starts automatically. Should you encounter problems during this download, log in at the SCCM store, then re-initiate the process from the "My Previous Purchases" link, found at the right of your screen.

You can navigate within the EPUB book using the links within the Table of Contents or index, or by browsing page by page; the choice is yours. The bookmark feature can direct you to pages you may often consult. You can also change the text size, font, and page displays, using your device’s usual tools. Check the device’s user guide for detailed instructions on customizing your reading experience.

Please note that you are prohibited from copying, posting, reproducing, lending, or distributing this purchase as it is proprietary content of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and thus protected by copyright and intellectual property rights.

If you have questions, comments or need additional support, contact SCCM's Customer Service at or +1 847 827-6888.

Customer Service Team
Society of Critical Care Medicine