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SCCM Pod-341 Reflections on the ICU Liberation ABCDEF Bundle Improvement Collaborative

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Ludwig Lin, MD, speaks with Brenda Pun, DNP, RN, ACNP, about the ICU Liberation ABCDEF Bundle Improvement Collaborative. Dr. Pun reflects upon Collaborative work, including origins and logistics of the project, team training and resource-sharing, and the importance of the interprofessional care model, as well as successes, challenges, and barriers to bundle implementation. Dr. Pun is the Project Clinical Manager at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. She was a member of the ICU Liberation Moore Foundation Steering Committee and played an instrumental role in the development of the REDCap database that was used for quality improvement for the ICU Liberation Campaign. Dr. Pun served as a mentor and coach to her own team as well as others in the Collaborative. Her disclosures note that she is also an AACN speaker. Visit for additional resources. Released 5/18/17

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Knowledge Area: Quality and Patient Safety