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Published: 9/1/2017

Crit Care Med 2017; 45(9):e877-e915

Safe Medication Use in the ICU

Citation: Crit Care Med 2017; 45(9):e877-e915

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Clinical Practice Guideline: Safe Medication Use in the ICU  provides ICU clinicians with evidence-based guidance on safe medication use practices for the critically ill. This guideline evaluates the ICU environment as a risk for medication-related events and the environmental changes that are possible to improve safe medication use. Prevention strategies for medication-related events are reviewed by medication use process node (prescribing, distribution, administration, monitoring). Detailed considerations to an active surveillance system that includes reporting, identification, and evaluation are discussed. Also, highlighted is the need for future research for safe medication practices that is specific to critically ill patients.

Guideline Type: Clinical

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Category: Quality and Patient Safety, Pharmacology,

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