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Joint Statement of the Critical Care Society Collaborative to the US Congress and the Trump Administration

COVID-19 - SCCM Joint Statement. Production and distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) and life-saving equipment.

Critical Care Clinician Reports on Coronavirus Disease 2019: Results From a National Survey of 4,875 ICU Providers

This study queried United States (U.S.) ICU clinician perspectives on ICU preparedness and concerns regarding delivering COVID-19 patient care.

Inflammation Profiling of Critically Ill Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients

From Critical Care Explorations The authors profiled plasma inflammatory analytes to help understand the host response to COVID19.

Gender Difference Is Associated With Severity of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection: An Insight From a Meta-Analysis

From Critical Care Explorations. This review article investigates how gender difference can affect the disease severity of COVID-19 infection.

Simulation: Keeping Pace With Pandemics

From Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. The authors discuss the immediate need to become quickly prepared for overwhelming patient care and health system needs, and the usefulness of simulation.

Coronavirus Disease 2019: Harnessing Healthy Fear via Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior

From Critical Care Explorations. This commentary discussed how fear (both rational and irrational) influences application of evidence-based data in the ICU during pandemics.

Pandemic-Related Submissions: The Challenge of Discerning Signal Amidst Noise

From Critical Care Medicine. The editors of Critical Care Medicine discuss the challenge during current pandemic of discerning data from anecdote, information from observation, and ultimately signal amidst noise.

Online Letter to the Editor: Coronavirus Disease 2019: Withdrawing Mechanical Ventilation to Reallocate Life Support Under Crisis Standards of Care-Nonequivalence of the Equivalence Thesis

From Critical Care Medicine. The authors look at Sprung et al. article ("Adult ICU Triage During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic: Who Will Live and Who Will Die? Recommendations to Improve Survival" and the question: Is it ever ethical to remove a ventilator from a patient in order to reallocate it to another we believe would derive more benefit from it?

Using Social Media for Rapid Information Dissemination in a Pandemic: #PedsICU and Coronavirus Disease 2019

From Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. In this report, the authors describe the use and impact of a targeted strategy for international collaboration and rapid information dissemination on Twitter among members of the pediatric critical care community during a global pandemic.

Preparedness and Reorganization of Care for Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients in a Swiss ICU: Characteristics and Outcomes of 129 Patients

From Critical Care Explorations. The authors report their experience in Switzerland with regard to ICU organization and anticipation, as well as patient characteristics, treatment, and outcomes.

Molecular Diagnosis of Coronavirus Disease 2019

From Critical Care Explorations. In this article, the authors review current approaches to the molecular diagnosis of coronavirus disease 2019.

Effects of Positive End-Expiratory Pressure in “High Compliance” Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

From Critical Care Medicine. In this study, the authors state their data suggest that a ""higher” positive end-expiratory pressure approach in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 acute respiratory distress syndrome and high compliance improves oxygenation and lung aeration but may result in alveolar hyperinflation and hemodynamic alterations.

Editorial: Coronavirus Disease 2019 Prediction Modeling: Everything Old Is NEWS Again

From Critical Care Medicine. In this Editorial, the authors comment on the article by Liu et al. “Evaluation of the Risk Prediction Tools for Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Wuhan, China: A Single-Centered, Retrospective, Observational Study” and note that tools developed for general critical illness can be leveraged for COVID-19 patient care.

Letter to the Editor: Weaning by Surgical Tracheostomy and Portable Ventilators Released ICU Ventilators During Coronavirus Disease 2019 Surge in London

From Critical Care Explorations. In this Letter to the Editor from London, the authors share experiences with an integrated model of surgical tracheostomy weaning of respiratory critical care patients by a specialist mobile weaning team, using tracheostomy-licensed ventilators, and noted that it appears safe, effective and may be transferrable to other healthcare systems where ICU resource limitation is a reality during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Point-of-Care Lung Ultrasound for Detecting Severe Presentations of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in the Emergency Department: A Retrospective Analysis

From Critical Care Explorations. In this study, lung ultrasound diagnosed severe presentations of coronavirus disease 2019 with similar sensitivity to chest radiograph, CT, and reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (on first testing) and improved specificity compared to chest radiograph.

Letter to the Editor: Declines in Mortality Over Time for Critically Ill Adults With Coronavirus Disease 2019

From Critical Care Medicine. In this Letter to the Editor, the authors report an update to a previous study, finding a decline in mortality rates in critically ill patients with COVID-19.

Rapid Implementation of Telecritical Care Support During a Pandemic: Lessons Learned During the Coronavirus Disease 2020 Surge in New York City

From Critical Care Explorations

The authors describe key elements for a New York City health system to rapidly implement telecritical care consultative services to a newly created ICU during the coronavirus disease 2020 patient surge.

Letter to the Editor: Clinical Risk Prediction Scores in Coronavirus Disease 2019: Beware of Low Validity and Clinical Utility

From Critical Care Explorations

In this Letter to the Editor, the authors discuss their study and how their results show that the early tools developed in a relatively small, homogenous patient population are unlikely to be clinically useful in different settings.

Benchmarking Critical Care Well-Being: Before and After the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic

From Critical Care Explorations

The authors examined the impact of COVID-19 with regard to well-being, measured as burnout and professional fulfillment, across critical care healthcare professionals, ICUs, and hospitals within a health system.

Metabolomics Profiling of Critically Ill Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients: Identification of Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers

From Critical Care Explorations

The authors performed metabolomics profiling of critically ill coronavirus disease 2019 patients to understand better the underlying pathologic processes and pathways, and to identify potential diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers.