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Apply to serve on SCCM's Council and understand the rules, strategic plans, and history of the organization. 

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Incorporated as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) adheres to the strictest nonprofit governance practices. Learn about the council nomination policy, understand its member structure and bylaws, view the strategic plan and chart the history of critical care and the Society.

SCCM Council Nominations

Nominations are now open for the following seats:

  • Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology Designated Seat
  • Emergency Medicine Designated Seat
  • Internal Medicine Designated Seat
  • Neuroscience Designated Seat
  • Two At-Large Seats
Nominate a Candidate
Nominations are Due May 1, 2021 

Council All SCCM voting members are able to respond to the call for leadership and are encouraged to do so. Council terms are for three years and consist of both at-large and designated seats. ​Designated seats have been created so that Council will always have input from the major specialties. Designated seats have been assigned to Anesthesiology, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Internal Medicine, Nursing, Pediatrics, Neuroscience, Emergency Medicine, and Surgery sections. An additional designated seat, to represent the other specialties, was established as the collective seat.

Election for designated seats is staggered, allowing for continuing the sustained experience and memory of Council deliberations as well as promoting fresh perspectives in the governance of the Society.

The Nominations Policy suggests that each section should nominate at least two and (usually) no more than three willing candidates to fill a designated seat. Nominations for the designated seats will also be entertained from the general membership. Nominations for the at-large seats can come from the sections or general membership.

Meet the Current SCCM

Become a leader in critical care.

Please let us know who among your colleagues is ready and willing to serve critical care at the Society leadership level. Self-nominations are welcomed. If you have any questions, please contact Diana Hughes, CAE

Contact Us

Submit a Strategic Plan Proposal

Specialty sections, SCCM committees, Knowledge Education Groups (KEGs), and individuals can submit strategic planning proposals. Applications for FY 2022 are due March 1, 2021. Learn More

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The History of SCCM and Critical Care

In 2020, SCCM celebrated its 50th anniversary! Explore the history of the Society and its influence in critical care. Head over to to share your favorite SCCM memories, learn more about the founders and to see how far the specialty has come!