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Potential for Lung Recruitment and Ventilation-Perfusion Mismatch in Patients With the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome From Coronavirus Disease 2019

From Critical Care Medicine. Severe cases of coronavirus disease 2019 develop the acute respiratory distress syndrome, requiring admission to the ICU.

This study aims to describe specific pathophysiological characteristics of acute respiratory distress syndrome from coronavirus disease 2019.

The authors hope the study's findings may guide selection of personalized mechanical ventilation settings.

Tommaso Mauri, MD
Elena Spinelli, MD
Eleonora Scotti, MD
Giulia Colussi, MD
Maria Cristina Basile, MD
Stefania Crotti, MD
Daniela Tubiolo, MD
Paola Tagliabue, MD
Alberto Zanella, MD
Giacomo Grasselli, MD
Antonio Pesenti, MD

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Categories: Crisis Management, Infection, Pulmonary,
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