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Percutaneous Tracheostomy With Apnea During Coronavirus Disease 2019 Era: A Protocol and Brief Report of Cases

From Critical Care Explorations.

The authors sought to modify their current procedure for performing percutaneous tracheostomy to minimize aerosolization in hopes that it would help reduce exposure to staff involved. They concluded that percutaneous tracheostomy performed with apnea protocol may help minimize aerosolization, reducing risk of exposure of COVID19 to staff.

Abesh Niroula, MD
Keriann M. Van Nostrand, MD
Onkar V. Khullar, MD
Seth Force, MD
Wissam S. Jaber, MD
Alejandro H. Sardi, MD
David M. Berkowitz, MD

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Categories: Crisis Management, Procedures, Pulmonary,
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