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Editorial: Advancing Telehealth-Based Screening for Postintensive Care Syndrome: A Coronavirus Disease 2019 Paradigm Shift

From Critical Care Medicine.   In this Editorial, the authors discuss the article by Martillo et al. entitled “Postintensive Care Syndrome in Survivors of Critical Illness Related to Coronavirus Disease 2019: Cohort Study From a New York City Critical Care Recovery Clinic.” The Editorial authors conclude that questions remain about when and how to screen for PICS and whether severe COVID-19 survivors have unique symptoms or trajectories compared with non-COVID-19 critical illness survivors, and they emphasize that the main public health message is clear -- critical illness, in general, and severe COVID-19, specifically, are life changing and the critical care community needs to do all it can to prevent the development of PICS and raise awareness.

Scheunemann LP, Girard TD.

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