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Content Type: Podcasts

SCCM Pod-459: Processed EEG Monitoring in the ICU

This podcast will educate clinicians on the unfamiliar parameters of processed EEG (pEEG). Host Pamela M. Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM, is joined by Meghan B. Lane-Fall, MD, MSHP, FCCM, to discuss the benefits of pEEG for monitoring sedated mechanically ventilated patients and ...

Estimated Time: 19:49 min pEEG, Processed EEG

SCCM Pod-458 CCM: Association of Catecholamine in Patients with Septic Shock

Catecholamine is used in patients with septic shock to augment hemodynamics and achieve goal mean arterial pressure. Ludwig H. Lin, MD, is joined by Gretchen L. Sacha BCCCP, PharmD, to discuss this retrospective observational study to evaluate the associations of catecholamine...

Estimated Time: 34:08 min

SCCM Pod-457 CCM: Increased incidence of ventilator-acquired pneumonia in COVID-19 patients

While little is known about the epidemiology of ventilator-acquired pneumonia among COVID-19 patients, some studies suggest a higher risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia in this specific population. Ashish K. Khanna, MD, FCCP, FCCM, is joined by Charles-Hervé Vacheron, MD, ...

Estimated Time: 22:24 min

SCCM Pod-456 PCCM: Effects of Excessive Oxygen Supplementation

This podcast will examine a retrospective, observational cohort study that found an association between excessive oxygen supplementation in the first day of mechanical ventilation with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome on day 7 of admission and in-hospital mortality in criti...

SCCM Pod-455 Introduction to Molecular Adsorbent Recirculating System Albumin Dialysis

This podcast will describe the principle of albumin dialysis of the molecular adsorbent recirculating system (MARS) and discuss the logistics of starting a MARS program to outline indications for MARS.

Estimated Time: 18:25 min

SCCM Pod-454 PCCM: PANDEM Guidelines

The PANDEM guidelines evaluate current practices and provide recommendations for management of pain, agitation, iatrogenic withdrawal, neuromuscular blockade, delirium, ICU environment, and early mobility in critically ill infants and children. Host Margaret M. Parker, MD, MCC...

SCCM Pod-453 Extracorporeal Blood Purification

Because COVID-19 can create a status of systemic inflammation, which can affect multiple organs, including the kidneys, the adjuvant therapy of blood purification has gained some recognition. Host Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM is joined by Javier Neyra, MD, MS to discuss ...

Estimated Time: 26:09 min Anticoagulation, Coronavirus, COVID-19

SCCM Pod-452 CCM: Racial Disparities in ICU Outcomes

This podcast discusses a systematic review that found significant differences in care and outcomes, including mortality rates, among intensive care unit (ICU) patients of different races (McGowan S, et al. Crit Care Med. 2022 Jan;50:1-20). This podcast is sponsored by Sound Ph...

Estimated Time: 22:24 min Disparities, Ethnicity, Intensive Care Unit, Race, Structural

SCCM Pod-451 PCCM: A Hard Learned Lesson on What It’s Like to Be a Patient

In the ICU, medical staff do all they can to assist patients and get them back to health as quickly as possible. In the process of saving lives, bedside manner and communication may suffer. Lauren Rissman, MD, discusses the eye-opening experience she had when she was admitted ...

SCCM Pod-450 Surviving Sepsis Campaign: Long-Term Goals of Care

Patients who survive sepsis may be left with short- and long-term problems that need to be addressed. This podcast discusses the implementation of initiatives for preventing impairments due to sepsis, challenges faced by survivors of sepsis, and difficulties of matching care t...

SCCM Pod-449 Family Nurse Practitioners in the ICU

Family nurse practitioners  (FNP) who do not have acute care certification may be recruited to work in ICUs. But when the FNP moves to another institution, ICU experience may not be considered an adequate qualification. This podcast discusses the difficulties of FNPs who need ...

Estimated Time: 25:10 min APP, FNP, ICU, Nurses

SCCM Pod-448 Noninvasive Respiratory Support: Opinion- or Evidence-Based Medicine?

When should clinicians intubate preterm infants? This podcast discusses strategies that optimize noninvasive ventilation and when such strategies are appropriate.

Estimated Time: 21:00 min LearnICU, neonates, noninvasive ventilation

SCCM Pod-447 eSIMPLER: A Dynamic, Electronic Health Record–Integrated Checklist

Host Margaret M. Parker, MD, MCCM is joined by Alon Geva, MD, MPH, to discuss how the implementation of eSIMPLER provided clinical decision support prompts with display of relevant data automatically pulled from the electronic health record and improved certain care processes.

SCCM Pod-446 Comparison of Bivalirudin Versus Heparin

This webcast will be a comparative analysis of conventional heparin- versus bivalirudin-based systemic anticoagulation in adult and pediatric patients supported on ECMO.

SCCM Pod-445 The Association of Workload and Outcomes in the Pediatric Cardiac ICU

Host Elizabeth Mack, MD, MS, FCCM, is joined by Michael Fundora, MD, FAAP, to discuss if the hypothesized frontline clinician workload, measured by bed occupancy and staffing, is associated with poor outcomes and unnecessary testing.

SCCM Pod-444 HF20 Filter Set for CRRT in Low Weight Patients

This podcast discusses patients who develop acute kidney injury (AKI) and how AKI is independently associated with mortality in critically ill infants, neonates, and larger children. Host Pamela M. Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM, is joined by Stuart Goldstein, MD, to discuss the ...

Estimated Time: 21:29 min

SCCM Pod-443 How the Pneumonia Panel Aids in Antimicrobial Stewardship and in the Fight Against COVID-19

BioFire® FilmArray® is the latest in technologies for rapidly identifying pathogens that cause Lower Respiratory Tract Infections (LRTI). Host Pamela M. Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM, is joined by Tufik Assad M.D., M.S.C.I. to discuss how this technology can be integrated into c...

Estimated Time: 21:54 min

SCCM Pod-442 Continuous Prediction of Mortality in the PICU: A Recurrent Neural Network Model in a Single-Center Dataset

As a proof of concept, a recurrent neural network (RNN) model was developed using electronic medical record (EMR) data capable of continuously assessing a child’s risk of mortality throughout an ICU stay as a proxy measure of illness severity. Host Margaret M. Parker, MD, MCCM...

Estimated Time: 30:50 min Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

SCCM Pod-441 Connections Between COVID-19, Sepsis, and Fluid Management

Learn about the importance of utilizing dynamic assessments of fluid responsiveness to guide treatment in patients with viral sepsis, including COVID-19, and understand how they can be used to help improve patient outcomes in sepsis patients. Host Pamela M. Peeke, MD, MPH, FAC...

Estimated Time: 25:43 min Baxter, COVID-19

SCCM Pod-440 Optimal Sedation in Patients Who Receive Neuromuscular Blocking Agent Infusions for Treatment of ARDS

Two previously published trials presented equivocal evidence on the effect of neuromuscular blocking agent infusions in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Host Kyle B. Enfield, MD, FCCM, is joined by Matthias Eikermann, MD, to discuss the different sedation reg...