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Category: Renal

SCCM Pod-453 Extracorporeal Blood Purification

Because COVID-19 can create a status of systemic inflammation, which can affect multiple organs, including the kidneys, the adjuvant therapy of blood purification has gained some recognition. Host Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM is joined by Javier Neyra, MD, MS to discuss ...

Estimated Time: 26:09 min Anticoagulation, Coronavirus, COVID-19

SCCM Pod-444 HF20 Filter Set for CRRT in Low Weight Patients

This podcast discusses patients who develop acute kidney injury (AKI) and how AKI is independently associated with mortality in critically ill infants, neonates, and larger children. Host Pamela M. Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM, is joined by Stuart Goldstein, MD, to discuss the ...

Estimated Time: 21:29 min

SCCM Pod-432 Citrate and Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

With widespread utilization of continuous renal replacement therapy, its critical to know about how citrate may have a role. Review its role in the anticoagulation process and how it can decrease the likelihood of adverse events and ease clinician workload in this podcast.

Estimated Time: 22:24

SCCM Pod-426 CRRT in the ICU From a Nursing Perspective

Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) requires considerable involvement from the bedside nurse. Explore when to start CRRT, the nursing role, and other considerations and challenges in this podcast.

Estimated Time: 20:40 min continuous, nursing, renal, replacement, therapy

SCCM Pod-421 COVID-19 and Renal Replacement Therapy

The increase in acute kidney injury in COVID-19 patients is resulting in more utilization of renal replacement therapy (RRT) and continuous renal replacement therapy. Host Pamela M. Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM , is joined by Michael J. Connor Jr, MD, to review RRT utilization.

SCCM Pod-405 Acute Kidney Injury Biomarkers and the Challenges of Clinical Use

Ludwig H. Lin, MD, and Michael G.S. Shashaty, MD, MS, discuss acute kidney injury (AKI) biomarkers and whether they are ready for clinical use.

Estimated Time: 37:35 min AKI, Biomarkers

SCCM Pod-400 Are AKI Biomarkers Ready for Clinical Use?

Kyle B. Enfield, MD, FCCM, and Azra Bihorac, MD, MS, FCCM, discuss best practices and complexities of implementing biomarkers for kidney stress and acute kidney injury (AKI) and what the future holds for AKI biomarker literature.

Estimated Time: 32:39 min AKI, Biomarkers, Stress

SCCM Pod-399 Risk for Mortality in Critically Ill Children Needing Renal Replacement Therapy

Margaret M. Parker, MD, MCCM, speaks with Danny Hames, MD, on his article titled "Risk Factors for Mortality in Critically Ill Children Requiring Renal Replacement Therapy ," published in the November 2019 issue of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (Hames D, et al. Pediatr Crit...

Estimated Time: 22:46 min Pediatrics, RRT, Therapy

SCCM Pod-397 Renal Recovery After Critical Illness

Ludwig H. Lin, MD, and John A. Kellum, MD, MCCM, review factors associated with renal recovery, therapies and techniques used to enhance recovery, and long-term consequences of nonrecovery in critical illness.

Estimated Time: 37:10 min Recovery, Research, RRT

SCCM Pod-374 Angiotensin II Treatment in Patients with Vasodilatory Shock and Renal Replacement Therapy

Todd Fraser, MD, speaks with Rinaldo Bellomo, MD, MBBS, FRACP, FCICM, FAAHMS, about the article "Outcomes in Patients with Vasodilatory Shock and Renal Replacement Therapy Treated with Intravenous Angiotensin II" (Tumlin JA, et al. Crit Care Med. 2018;46:949-957).

Estimated Time:

SCCM Pod-VCCR10 Pathophysiology and Management of AKI

Richard Iuorio, MD, speaks with Kianoush Kashani, MD and Jim Reilly, MD about the pathophysiology and management of acute kidney injury.

Estimated Time: 44:55 min AKI, Hypertension, Renal, Resuscitation, Sepsis

SCCM Pod-353 Are Biomarkers Ready for Prime Time?

Kyle Enfield, MD, speaks with John A. Kellum, MD, MCCM, about his talk presented at the 46th Critical Care Congress in Honolulu, Hawaii entitled, “Are Biomarkers Ready for Prime Time?”

Estimated Time:

SCCM Pod-VCCR9 Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

Sean P. Kane, PharmD, BCPS, speaks with Joshua Trob, MD about continuous renal replacement therapy.

Estimated Time: 31:19 min Nephrology, RRT, Therapy

SCCM Pod-316 The SPLIT Randomized Clinical Trial

Todd Fraser, MD, speaks with Paul Young, FCICM, about the article, “Effect of a Buffered Crystalloid Solution vs Saline on Acute Kidney Injury Among Patients in the Intensive Care Unit: The SPLIT Randomized Clinical Trial,” published in The Journal of the American Medical Asso...

Estimated Time:

SCCM Pod-301 Guiding AKI Prevention Using Biomarkers

Ludwig Lin, MD, speaks with Azra Bihorac, MD, MS, FCCM, about the article, “Guiding AKI Prevention Using Biomarkers,” published in Critical Connections.

Estimated Time:

SCCM Pod-170 PCCM: Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy During ECMO

Matthew Paden, MD, discusses his Pediatric Critical Care Medicine article, “Recovery of Renal Function and Survival After Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy During Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation.”

Estimated Time:

SCCM Pod-168 CCM: Managing End-Stage Liver Disease

Ali Al-Khafaji, MD, MPH, is the lead author of an article published in the May 2011 Critical Care Medicine titled, “Critical Care Management of Patients with End-Stage Liver Disease.”

Estimated Time:

SCCM Pod-83 Preventing Acute Renal Failure

John Kellum, MD, FCCM, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, discusses his article from the August 2007 issue of Critical Connections, "Preventing Acute Renal Failure."

Estimated Time:

Pro/Con Debate: Are AKI Biomarkers Ready for Clinical Use?

The Society of Critical Care Medicine's Critical Care Congress features internationally renowned faculty and content sessions highlighting the most up-to-date, evidence-based developments in critical care medicine. This is a presentation from the 2019 Critical Care Congress on...

Estimated Time: 0:59:20

Electrolyte Emergencies

This is a presentation from the 2017 Multiprofessional Critical Care Review Course: Adult (MCCRC) on electrolyte emergencies.

Estimated Time: