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Tag: respiratory

SCCM Pod-424 Critical Care Implications of Respiratory Depression on Hospital Wards
Continuous monitoring on hospital wards can prevent adverse events and unnecessary ICU admissions. Michael Smith, MD, is joined by Ashish K. Khanna, MD, FCCP, FCCM, to review the demographics of respiratory depression.

depression, induced, opioid, PRODIGY, respiratory, trial

SCCM Pod-428 Endotracheal Tube Size and Aspiration
Each year, approximately 790,000 patients in the United States develop acute respiratory failure that requires intubation and mechanical ventilation. This podcast explores the association between endotracheal tube size and aspiration in acute respiratory failure survivors.

airway, aspiration, deglutition, disorders, distress, extubation, intratracheal, intubation, respiratory, syndrome