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Tag: Drug Shortage

Drug Shortage Alert on Electrolyte Medication
The Society of Critical Care Medicine’s Drug Shortages Task Force has produced a comprehensive guide for assessing and responding to shortages of sodium acetate injection, concentrated sodium chloride, potassium acetate and chloride injection, phosphate injection, calcium chloride and gluconate injection, and magnesium sulfate injection.

Drug Shortage

Issues for Admixtures in an Era of Drug Shortages
In an era fraught with drug shortages, hospitals are faced with limited options for some vital admixtures. When manufacturers have limited supplies or products are no longer available, hospital pharmacies may be faced with admixing these agents or outsourcing to compounding facilities. Preparation of admixtures is regulated in terms of sterility and stability for optimal patient safety. Providing appropriate drug therapy for patients in the intensive care unit can become problematic when medication supplies run short. Medication compounding may be offered as a method of drug shortage management.

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