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The clinical practice guidelines published by the Society of Critical Care Medicine ("SCCM") includes data obtained from comprehensive and systematic literature reviews of the most recent studies available at the time of publication. These guidelines are intended for general information only, are not medical advice, and should not be used to replace professional medical advice. Additionally, the guidelines may not be complete or accurate as new studies may have been published after the date of publication or published late in the development process of the SCCM guidelines. These guidelines reflect the state of the topic and field at the time of publication. SCCM encourages medical professional to use this information in connection with, not a replacement of, their individual clinical judgment. The recommendations contained in the guidelines may not be appropriate for all situations. Medical professionals must apply these guidelines in light of the circumstances at the time of application. Guideline users are urged to seek out newer information that might impact the diagnostic and treatment recommendations contained in the guidelines.

SCCM and its officers, council, board of regents, members, and employees (the "SCCM Parties") disclaim any and all liability for the accuracy or completeness of the guidelines and disclaim all warranties, express or implied. The SCCM Parties disclaim all liability for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages) arising out of the use, inability to use, or the results of a guidelines, any references used in a guidelines, or the materials, information, or procedures contained in a guideline, based on any legal theory whatsoever and whether or not there was advice on the possibility of such damages.