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Innovation in Education Award

The Innovation in Education Award recognizes an educator or team of educators who demonstrate(s) excellence and creativity in the development of an innovative educational program. The award was established to recognize meritorious educational program development that enhances education (particularly multiprofessional education) relating to management of the critically ill patient.

The educational program can be focused on any specific type of learner; however, programs that involve multiprofessional education are viewed favorably. Programs or approaches that can readily be used in other institutions are also viewed favorably.

If the awardee is an individual, the awardee receives complimentary SCCM Critical Care Congress registration. If the awardee is a team, the team receives one complimentary SCCM Critical Care Congress registration.

Deadline and Submission

Applications are due September 1, 2020.

By submitting an application, the team agrees to allow SCCM to use information from its application to publicly promote the award and innovations in education.


The application must be submitted by an SCCM member. Members of the Selection Committee are not eligible to apply during their terms of service. Awarded individuals and teams must wait at least three years after receiving the award to reapply. They can reapply only if their application demonstrates a new program, not continuations of previous applications. This three-year wait period allows for administration and evaluation of the new program. The Selection Committee consists of Council members and the liaison to the Quality and Safety Business Line.


The Selection Committee considers the following criteria when evaluating applications:

  • Development of an educational program related to management of the critically ill patient
  • Demonstration that the program is novel and innovative
  • Demonstration of the effectiveness of the program based on evaluations by participants or other data

Prior to the SCCM Critical Care Congress, SCCM notifies all applicants of the results. The award is presented during the ACCM Convocation/SCCM Awards Presentation during the SCCM Critical Care Congress.

For additional information regarding this award, please contact Carol Prendergast.