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Mastering Intensive Care Podcast - Episode 33: Wes Ely - Finding out what matters to our patients

Mastering Intensive Care Podcast is a podcast focused on conversations to inspire intensive care clinicians to become the best they can be in the practice of intensive care. In episode 33, Wes Ely, MD, discusses how he deeply cares about the whole patient – the body, the mind and the spirit. He is passionate about really getting to know his patients. And to do that he thinks we need to be heavily focused on both ICU Liberation and good listening.

ICU Liberation is removing the patient from the sedatives, the ventilator and whatever other harmful interventions are no longer needed when their situation is improving. But it's harder than we think. And to help with this,  the ICU Liberation initiative has led the development of the ABCDEF Bundle. With the assistance of many colleagues, and based on high quality science, he has progressively developed a simple 6 factor approach that has been shown to speed up ICU Liberation and improve patient outcomes. And in this podcast he describes how he uses it, and how you can too.

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