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Challenges of Sepsis Diagnosis and a New Approach Using the Host Immune Response, SeptiCyte®

Presented at the 49th Critical Care Congress, this session is sponsored by Immunexpress

This session showcases the new SeptiCyte® RAPID test running on the Idylla™ platform. Learn about SeptiCyte® RAPID, a host response test, with actionable results in approximately one hour, differentiating sepsis from systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) with high negative predictive value (NPV), thus expediting and improving patient management for critically ill patients being admitted to the ICU. Steven P. LaRosa, MD, will address the challenges of current sepsis diagnosis and a new alternative approach leveraging the host immune response while Russell R® Miller III, MD, will present highlights from the VENUS study, a clinical validation of SeptiCyte® LAB.


Steven P. LaRosa, MD 
Russell R. Miller III, MD

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