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Fundamental Disaster Management Textbook

The Fundamental Disaster Management, Third Edition course handbook provides the source material for the 13 lectures and 5 skill stations that make up the course. The handbook is appropriate for all healthcare professionals wanting to be prepared to assist patients after man-made or natural disasters, as well as other clinicians who care for the critically ill and injured. It is an excellent reference for the field.

In the third addition, special emphasis is given to critical care response to inpatient surges in a disaster’s aftermath, with a virtual disaster ventilator module and an instructor component. The FDM course was prepared under SCCM’s direction by leading multiprofessional critical care educators with expertise in disaster preparedness. Chapters include:
  • Disaster Preparation for the Critical Care Provider: Setting the Stage
  • Intensive Care Unit Microcosm Within Disaster Medical Response
  • Augmenting Critical Care Capacity During a Disaster
  • Critical Care Management of Chemical Exposures
  • Intentional and Natural Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases
  • Critical Care Management of Radiologic Exposures
  • Conventional Explosions and Blast Injuries
  • Mass Casualty Burn Care
  • Disasters Produced by Natural Phenomena
  • Caring for Critically Ill Children
  • Delivering Acute Care to Chronically Ill Adults in Shelters
  • Palliative Care and Mental Health Issues
  • Disaster Triage and Allocation of Scarce Resources
  • Sustained Mechanical Ventilation Outside of Traditional Intensive Care Units
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Decontamination Management Strategies

Single-copy purchases of the current edition of the FDM textbook as well as other textbooks in the Fundamentals series can be made through the SCCM store. Pricing is reflective of SCCM tiered member discounts.
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Preparing Your ICU for Disaster Response
This step-by-step guide is an excellent adjunct to the FDM course. It helps ICU professionals assess their current level of disaster preparedness and provides information to help align their ICU response with an institutional disaster preparedness plan, as well as tips for how to translate this plan to accommodate specific resource needs in the event of a critical care surge. Presented in an easy-to-follow format, this eBook provides practical, usable resources for strategizing and implementing a standing plan for disaster preparedness.

Chapters include:
  • What Matters? The Role of an ICU During Disaster
  • Assessing Your ICU: Are You Ready to Respond to Disaster?
  • Leadership During a Disaster
  • Building an ICU Response Plan for Disasters
  • Implementing an Effective ICU Disaster Response Plan
  • Communication During Disaster
  • How to Build ICU Surge Capacity
  • Ethical Decision-Making in Disasters: Key Ethical Principles and the Role of the Ethics Committee
  • Behavioral Health Issues
  • Pediatric Considerations: What Is Needed in My ICU to Care for These Casualties?
Appendices include:
  • Disaster Education and Training Resources
  • Additional Resources and Websites
  • Clinical Strategies During Disaster Response
  • Developing an ICU Supply and Other Templates for Disaster Response
  • Scenario-Based Pandemic Planning Templates
  • Communication Templates
  • Rush University Medical Center Communication Protocols for Nursing Personnel
  • ICU Lessons from a Mass Casualty Incident
  • Long-Term ICU and Healthcare Lessons Learned from the 2003 SARS Pandemic
  • Complex ICU Issues that Arise During an Influenza Pandemic
  • The 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Lessons Learned from the Loss of Medical Infrastructure
  • Mount Sinai Hospital ICU Disaster Response Plan
Purchases can be made through the SCCM store. Pricing is $10 USD for nonmembers, and the book is available free of charge to SCCM members. Available as an eBook only.

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