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FDM Self-Directed Course

Self-Directed FDM provides a relaxed learning experience with access to the same didactic sessions found in the live, directed-led course.

Learn at your own pace from the comfort and convenience of your home or office and then assess your knowledge through the use of pre- and posttests. The self-directed course engages learners with interactive learning modules which include videos, matching exercises, and list ordering.

Self-Directed FDM includes 13 interactive learning modules and the FDM textbook, which is an excellent desktop reference. The textbook will be automatically shipped shortly after registration is completed. Registrants have two years from the date of enrollment to complete the course.

Purchase Self-Directed FDM with Print Book Purchase Self-Directed FDM with eBook
  • Introduction: Fundamental Disaster Management
  • ICU Microcosm Within Disaster Medical Response
  • Augmenting Critical Care Capacity During a Disaster
  • Critical Care Management of Chemical Exposures
  • Biohazard Disasters: Natural and Intentional Outbreaks
  • Critical Care Management of Radiologic Exposures
  • Blast Injuries
  • Mass Casualty Burn Care
  • Disasters Produced by Natural Phenomena
  • Caring for Critically Ill Children and Chronically Ill Patients During Disasters
  • Delivering Acute Care to Chronically Ill Adults in Shelters
  • Disaster Triage and Allocation of Scare Resources
  • Sustained Mechanical Ventilation Outside Traditional Intensive Care Units
Self-Directed FDM pricing is reflective of SCCM's tiered membership discounts.
Membership Level Pricing (USD)
Select Member $200
Professional Member $215
Associate Member $240
Nonmember $250

Purchase Self-Directed FDM with Print Book Purchase Self-Directed FDM with eBook

For more information, contact the Licensing Team at +1 847 827-6888 or
The Fundamental Disaster Management, Third Edition course handbook provides the source material for the 13 lectures and 5 skill stations that make up the course. The handbook is appropriate for all healthcare professionals wanting to be prepared to assist patients after man-made or natural disasters, as well as other clinicians who care for the critically ill and injured. It is an excellent reference for the field.

In the third addition, special emphasis is given to critical care response to inpatient surges in a disaster’s aftermath, with a virtual disaster ventilator module and an instructor component. The FDM course was prepared under SCCM’s direction by leading multiprofessional critical care educators with expertise in disaster preparedness. 

Translated version of the FDM textbook are available. Please contact the Licensing Team to inquire about translated versions at