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FCCS: Resource Limited Textbook

The Fundamental Critical Care Support: Resource Limited (FCCS: RL) textbook is an integral part of the FCC: RL learning experience.

The book and course curriculum also emphasize the unique injuries and illnesses associated with armed conflict, such as burns, blasts, and polytrauma, as well as injuries and illnesses in such areas as tropical diseases, neurology, coronary syndromes, pediatrics, and obstetrics that are often encountered in other resource-limited settings. Delivery of care is presented in a manner that is specific to managing resource limitations, resource allocation, triage, and ethical implications of these environments.

Prepared under SCCM’s direction mulitprofessional team of critical care professionals, the FCCS: RL textbook contains chapters on:
  • Recognition and Assessment of the Seriously Ill Patient
  • Diagnosis and Management of Shock
  • Airway Management
  • Acute Respiratory Failure and Mechanical Ventilation
  • Monitoring Oxygen Balance and Acid-Base Status
  • Analgesia and Sedation Management
  • Neurologic Support
  • Trauma and Blast Injury Care
  • Team-Based Care in the Austere and Operational Environment
  • Burn Injury
  • Life-Threatening Infections: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Management in the Austere and Operational Environment
  • Management of Life-Threatening Electrolyte and Metabolic Disturbanced and Acute Kidney Injury
  • Critical Care in Infants and Children with Limited Resources in Austere and Operational Environments: The Basics
  • Pediatric Trauma and Disaster Management
  • Emergency Preparedness in the Austere and Operational Environment
  • Telemedical Support in Austere and Operational Environments
  • Transport of the Critically Ill or Injured Patient
  • Fever and Disease in the Tropics
  • Ethical Considerations in the Austere and Operational Environment
  • Management of Pregnancy in Resource-Limited Settings
  • Acute Coronary Syndromes and Arrhythmias
  • Environmental Exposures
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiologic, and Nuclear Events
  • Travel Safety and Security for Medical Personnel

Licensed institutions will be assessed a fee for each learner, which includes a copy of FCCS: RL and, on successful completion of the course, a provider certificate. 

Single-copy purchases of the current edition of FCCS: RL textbook as well as other textbooks in the Fundamentals series can be made through the SCCM store. Pricing is reflective of SCCM's tiered member discounts.
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