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Industry Partners

COVID-19: What’s Next
Preparing for the Second Wave

September 11-12, 2020

The COVID-19: What's Next virtual event provides opportunities for sponsors to bring their marketing message and information about their products and services directly to key members of the intensive care/critical care unit team. There are multiple opportunities available for sponsorship, advertising, and exhibits. For more information, please contact:

Desiree Ng, Industry Relations Manager
Colleen McNamara, Exhibits Manager

Virtual Booth Options
Basic Booth                $1,000 
Professional Booth     $2,000 
Premium Booth           $3,000 
Basic Booth - $1,000
  • Exhibitor Name/Company Details/Contact Info 
  • One Weblink to exhibitor webpage or product page 
  • One downloadable resource (PDF)
  • Company Description (300 characters) 
  • Inclusion in one Product Category  
  • Two Exhibitor Registrations (to view session content with no CE credit) 
  • Promotion of booth Giveaway 
  • Request Info Button
Professional Booth - $2,000 Includes Basic Booth features plus:
  • Three Exhibitor Weblinks and Downloadable Resources  
  • Company Description (1,000 characters) 
  • Inclusion in two Product Categories 
  • Four Exhibitor Registrations (to view session content with no CE credit) 
  • Booth Banner 
  • Attendee Impression Tracking
  • Participation in exhibit hall scavenger hunt 
Premium Booth - $3,000 Includes Professional Booth features plus:
  • Inclusion in four Product Categories
  • Eight Exhibitor Registrations (to view session content with no CE credit)
  • Lead Retrieval information (for all attendees who opt in to sharing their information) 
  • Logo included in booth listing 
  • Video upload (up to three minutes in length)
  • Video chat with attendees 
 The exhibitor portal is tentatively scheduled to open on August 17, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions
Example of Virtual Booth Packages
Specs for Virtual Booth Assets
Application Terms and Conditions
  1. Promotion in the digital grab bag: $3,000
  2. COVID19 eNewsletter advertising: $3,750 (Highlight your booth presence or sponsored event in up to three issues, which will release once a week with a reach of up to 118,000. Advertiser provides brief copy and URL (minimum of one week’s notice) to appear within the Industry Partner Resources section of the eNewsletter.
  3. Purchase of postal mailing list for preregistrants: $1,000 (applicable to non-lunch sponsors only)
Advertising Agreement

Sponsored Lunch & Learns
$20,000 fee includes timeslot and marketing and preregistration of your event

Which lunch slots are available? The following slots are available:
September 11, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Central Time
September 12, 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Central Time
How many lunch slots are available per day? The number of lunch slots depends on the number of registrants.

Will there be therapeutic category exclusivity? SCCM cannot guarantee exclusivity because it depends on the number of registrants, which opens up options to comparable topics.

When are materials due?
Regarding Lunch & Learn, attendee preregistration: Materials are due immediately so that SCCM can set up the program in the store. The following materials are needed:

  • Title
  • Topic (description in 50 words or less, to include topic summary and/or learning objectives)
  • Faculty information (credentials, institution)
  • Faculty email address
During the week of August 17, 2020, SCCM started the process of reviewing presentations. SCCM will be sending instructions to faculty to upload MP4 files of their presentations. If you do not have the technical resources to do this, SCCM can connect you with our AV partner for a fee of an average rate of $150/hour.
SCCM must review the slides before recording them, in the same way as was done for Industry Insights sessions for Congress. SCCM will review only for use of SCCM name, logo, or seal. Once approved, SCCM will instruct you on the next steps.
SCCM wishes to avoid any implication that the sponsored Lunch & Learn sessions are planned, implemented, or sponsored by SCCM. For this reason, promotional materials must not in any way mention SCCM or COVID-19: What’s Next. Promotional materials of any kind, as well as program materials, must not use the SCCM logo or SCCM name or mention SCCM’s event. Phrases such as “presented during,” “presented in conjunction with,” “presented preceding,” or “presented prior to” must not be used. This rule applies to materials developed for use before, during, and after COVID-19:What’s Next.

August 31, 2020, is the deadline to upload approved presentation slides and to finalize faculty audio on Cadmium. September 1, 2020, is the soft release of the platform for exhibitors, staff, and sponsors to preview. September 8, 2020, is the official release of the platform to attendees.

Which virtual platform will be used? Cadmium. Faculty are encouraged to provide an MP4 file and be available for the Q&A chat portion.

Is there a maximum number of participants? No.

Are we able to share the link for our symposia? Yes.

Are there any additional fees except for the $20,000? Yes, if you opt for any of the following options:
  1. Promotion in the digital grab bag: $3,000
  2. Advertising in the COVID-19 eNewsletter: $3,750 (see ad agreement application)
  3. Postage/printing costs: if you opt for a postal mailing to garner attendees
  4. Enduring option in which SCCM will provide marketing to broaden learner reach: $10,000

Confirmation that sponsors will receive a copy of the symposia recording: If sponsor wants SCCM to promote post-event, there will likely be an enduring option for $10,000 for SCCM to promote/endure for 12 months with a blend of digital (eNewsletters) and social media marketing.

Will sponsors get access to overall attendee email addresses for promoting their specific event? No. You can enhance visibility of your sponsored event through eNewsletter advertising. (e.g., COVID-19 eNewsletter [Industry Partner Resources Section], other eblast promotions, and industry-sponsored education web page). SCCM will not provide email addresses of registered attendees before the event.

Will sponsors get access to attendee email address for those who attended their event? Yes, SCCM will provide email addresses for attendees who attended the specific Lunch & Learn virtual event. SCCM can provide a registration count before the event.

What is the cost for the virtual grab bag (equivalent to hotel door drop)? $3,000

Sponsorship: Society chat room
What options are available? You are able to sponsor one society as a sole sponsor for $500.

What materials are needed for the Society chat room sponsorship? Logo (hi-res EPS, PNG, or JPG image) and URL

Will a postal mailing list be available? Yes. Email addresses are included in the premium package as part of the virtual exhibit option.

When will the platform be launched to preregistrants? September 8 is the anticipated date.

Contact Desiree Ng (+1 847 827-7188) or connect by accessing my calendar.