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Emergency Resources: Natural Disasters

In this hurricane season, hospitals may be faced with extraordinary challenges.


Hurricane Iota is expected to be at or near Category 4 strength ahead of its forecasted landfall in northeastern Central America, the National Hurricane Center said. Iota could hit Honduras and Nicaragua by late Monday or early Tuesday. It will be the region’s second hurricane in the past two weeks, following landslides and flooding caused by Hurricane Eta. The back-to-back storms, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, may put unprecedented stress on critical care units. These resources ensure you are prepared for these simultaneous crises.

. Free resources include:

Find Applicable COVID-19 Resources
  • SCCM's COVID-19 response resources are also available that will help prepare for surge response.
  • Critical Care for Non-ICU Clinicians provides training in the fundamentals of initial assessment, airway management, mechanical ventilation, and other key topics. The training was developed in response to COIVD-19, but can help you prepare for any surge.