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Critical Connections was launched in 2003. Articles organized by clinical topic also are available at

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Critical Connections was launched in 2003. For access to articles published before 2017, please contact Melissa Nielsen.

2018 - June 3 - Research

The Ethics of Law Enforcement in the Inpatient Setting
This article discusses a case study about the ethical considerations of law enforcement in the inpatient setting.
Safety of Antiepileptics During Drug Shortages
This article discusses the safety of antiepileptics during drug shortages.
ACCM Distinguished Investigator Award
Learn about the recepient of the 2019 ACCM Distinguished Investigator Award.
ICU Capacity Strain: The Need for Standardization of Definitions
This article discusses ICU capacity in regard to patient recovery, quality of care, and patient and staff satisfaction.
Research Support for Early Career Investigators
This article discusses the funding options that are available to early career investigators.
Five Ways to Find Research Opportunities Outside Academia
Read about the ways to get involved in research and find research funding in settings outside academia.
Using Multiple Imputation to Avoid Bias From Missing Data in Critical Care Research
Learn about the threat of missing data to the validity of critical care research and how bias can be minimized.
Waiver of Informed Consent in Emergency Situations
Learn about invistagor responsiblities during an emergency situation in which the patient is not able to participate in informed consent.
Advancing Research for Effective Alerts to Avoid Alert Fatigue
Learn about research focused on improving alert systems and avoiding alarm fatigue. 
The Value of Mentorship
Learn about how SCCM’s Specialty Sections provide opportunity for professional development through mentoring programs.
President's Message - Research in the ICU: It’s What We (Should) Do
Hear from the Society President Jerry J. Zimmerman, MD, PhD, FCCM, about the challenges and importance of research in the ICU.