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Critical Connections Archives

Critical Connections was launched in 2003. Articles organized by clinical topic also are available at

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Critical Connections was launched in 2003. For access to articles published before 2017, please contact Melissa Nielsen.

2017 - April 2 - Sepsis

Weighing the Validity of Restraints
This ethics case study looks at the ethical dilemmas with the use of mechanical circulatory devices.   
2015 SCCM-Weil Research Grant Recipient Update
Learn about research conducted with support from the 2015 SCCM-Weil Research Grant.   
Ethical Dilemmas Related to Drug Shortages
Read about ethical dilemmas related to drug shortages. 
SCCM Awards THRIVE Grant
Learn about the winner of the 2016 THRIVE Research Grant to Accelerate Recovery.   
Improving Long-Term Outcomes Research for Acute Respiratory Failure Survivors
Learn about a project focused on improving long-term outcomes research for acute respiratory failure survivors.   
Life After Sepsis
Hear the story of a patient's experience in the intensive care unit and life after sepsis. 
The Vasopressor Toolbox for Defending Blood Pressure
Read about the vasopressor toolbox for defending blood pressure. 
Overcoming Barriers to Sepsis Bundle Implementation
This article discusses the sepsis bundle and overcoming barriers to its implementation. 
President's Message - In Guidelines We Trust
In this article, Society President Ruth M. Kleinpell, RN-CS, PhD, FCCM, discusses the importance of guidelines to clinical practice and to improving care in the intensive care unit.