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2017 - June 3 - Patient- and Family-Centered Care

Facing Resistance
This article addresses the ethics of invoking the therapeutic privilege.   
The Role of Clergy on the Multidisciplinary ICU Team
Hear from a hospital chaplain about the the important role of clergy on the multidisciplinary intensive care unit team.   
Engaging Loved Ones in the ICU
A caregiver shares how critical care practitioners can best engage patients’ loved ones. 
Family Experience in the PICU
Learn about findings from the family experience project.   
Family-Centered Communication for New Intensivists
Read about family-centered communication for new intensivists.   
The Gap Analysis Tool for Family-Centered Care
Learn about the gap analysis tool for family-centered care.   
President's Message - The Critical Role of Families in ICU Care
In this article, Society President Ruth M. Kleinpell, RN-CS, PhD, FCCM, discusses the role of families in patient care and the intensive care unit.