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Critical Connections Archives

Critical Connections was launched in 2003. Articles organized by clinical topic also are available at

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Critical Connections was launched in 2003. For access to articles published before 2017, please contact Melissa Nielsen.

2019 - August - Quality Improvement in the ICU

Does My Documentation Tell the Story in Critical Care?
Learn about how documentation tells a story in critical care and what you need to document to support billing critical care services. 
Navigating a Child’s Care When Parents Are Resistant to the Care Plan
Examine this case and case analysis and learn how to navigate a child's care when the parents are resistant to care. 
Early Identification of Sepsis: The Journey Since the Sepsis on the Wards Collaborative
Learn more about long-term outcomes from the Sepsis on the Wards Collaborative.
Building a Case for Tele-Critical Care to Improve Quality
Read different perspectives on how Tele-Critical Care can improve ICU Quality.
SCCM's Family Engagement Collaborative: Building Teams for Success
Learn about SCCM's Family Engagement Collaborative.
Creating a Culture of Caring: An ICU Patient Profile
Read about how Rana Awdish, MD's s experience as a critical care patient inspired her to create a culture for caring in the ICU. 
The ICU Liberation Bundle: An Emphasis on Nonpharmacologic Intervention
Learn about how nonpharmacologic intervention is part of the ICU liberation bundle.
President's Message: Quality Improvement in the ICU
Hear from SCCM's President on quality improvement in the ICU.