Every year, millions of Americans survive critical illness; but despite the efforts of their ICU, many are left with ongoing problems. The current health care system often does not meet the needs of these survivors, or their families, during their weeks to years of recovery. SCCM seeks to improve patient and family support after critical illness through the THRIVE Initiative. The THRIVE Initiative offers the following grants and awards.

THRIVE Innovation Award
The THRIVE Innovation Award recognizes an individual, team or center for innovation in survivor partnership that addresses the needs of survivors of critical illness, including the family, to optimize recovery through novel paradigms of care delivery, improved coordination of care, and/or the design and implementation of virtual or in-person support groups.

THRIVE Peer Support Collaborative
The THRIVE Peer Support Collaborative offers grants aimed at fostering an international network of in-person support groups linking survivors of critical illness and their families.

THRIVE Research Grant to Accelerate Recovery
The THRIVE Grant offers $50,000 in funding to SCCM members conducting research aimed at improving patient and family support after critical illness.

ICU Heroes Award
The ICU Heroes Award recognizes that patients and families are an integral part of ICU care. The ICU Heroes Award is offered to an intensive care unit patient and family, in addition to the multiprofessional team that delivered the care.