Current Issues

The Society, through the work of its dedicated Creative Community members, provides varied resources aimed at addressing the latest and most pressing issues facing critical care practitioners.

Drug Shortages
The Drug Shortage Task Force provides information on the safe and consistent management of drug shortages as well as on additional resources and strategies. Each Drug Shortage Alert also is posted in the Pharmacology Knowledge Line of

Intravenous Sodium Bicarbonate
Fosphenytoin Injection

Alternative Medications for Procedural Sedation
Electrolyte Medication Shortages
Web Resources
Intravenous Loop Diuretics
General Considerations

The Telemedicine Committee has developed several comprehensive articles providing information about the growing field of telemedicine. These and other telemedicine resources are available in the Administration Knowledge Line of
All Eyes on the ICU: Telemedicine​ ​
Quality and Safety Committee
The Quality and Safety Committee has developed several educational resources to raise awareness about issues affecting the critical care community.
Understanding the Evolution of Our National Healthcare Quality Improvement Process
Advocate for Improved Patient Care
Mapping the Quality Improvement Landscape
Pay for Performance in Critical Care: A Position Paper by SCCM
Incentive Strategies in Pay for Performance