ICU Design Citation

This award honors a critical care unit that combines functional ICU design with the humanitarian delivery of critical care. Conceived to identify and recognize a critical care unit already in operation whose design demonstrates attention to both functional and humanitarian issues, the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses ACCN), and the American Institute of Architects Academy on Architecture for Health co-sponsor this citation. The winner receives two plaques (one plaque for the hospital ICU and one for the architect), and one complimentary registration to the annual meetings of each of SCCM and AACN. Honorable mentions will also be awarded with a plaque.

Deadline and Submission

Applications for this award must be submitted by August 15 for the following year's award.

Contact Carol Prendergast at 847-827-6826 to obtain an application or for more information.

Application Requirements

  • $250.00 application fee.
  • One copy of the application cover sheet.
  • Three copies of the fact sheet.
  • Three copies of a one page list of the unique or innovative features of the unit and how they meet the selection criteria.
  • Three copies of a 11x17 foldout of: a) An architectural floor plan of the unit alone drawn to scale, with rooms labeled according to function. (please indicate scale) b) A second sheet showing the block building floor plan depicting access to the unit and how it relates to other services.(These are the only drawings that will be considered. Do not send information such as the mechanical, electrical and plumbing blueprints).
  • Six copies of a 4-7 minute, DVD video tour of the unit in either the full or compact size. The video will be judged on content, not quality. However, quality should be adequate to allow the viewer to evaluate the unit and narration is important. For judging purposes, the institution/unit must remain anonymous. We recommend that videos concentrate on patient rooms, show real patient situations or activities, staff work areas, and amenities for families. We also recommend that explanations of unique uses and design features are emphasized and that describing the obvious, common features or manufactured equipment items be avoided. All the judges are familiar with standard unit usage, equipment and structure.
  • Three copies of a color photo that depicts the true color scheme of the unit.
  • One copy of the release statement.

  • Critieria and Notfication

    The citation is awarded to the entry that best resolves both functional and humanitarian issues in a unique and complimentary manner. The focus is on planning and design characteristics rather than process or administrative features. Units are reviewed in a blinded fashion according to the following criteria:

    • Demonstrates commitment to creating a healing environment
    • Demonstrates commitment to promoting safety and security
    • Demonstrates commitment to efficiency
    • Demonstrates attention to innovative, unique aesthetic and creative design features

    The patient bedside area, overall units design, integration of technology, staff/support areas, and family/waiting areas also are assessed.
    Citation recipients will be notified in November.