Put Your ICU to the Test

Improving quality and safety in the intensive care unit (ICU) often involves the coordinated efforts of multiple critical care team members. The Intensive Care Unit Resource, Evaluation, and Patient Outcomes Rating Tool (ICU REPORT) allows hospitals to thoroughly evaluate their critical care units in terms of personnel, organization and quality improvement processes. This easy-to-use online tool provides an opportunity for ICU directors and staff, as well as hospital administrators, to review the current state of their units, and subsequently implement plans for process and performance improvement.

Included in this product is the ICU Index, a component designed to rapidly identify the ICU’s strengths and weaknesses, highlight specific areas that would benefit from improvement, and compare multiple staff perspectives. This tool enables the team to explore staffing, physician management, quality and patient safety concerns. Additional tools include reading materials, sample dashboards, data reports and charts for reference as teams refine data collection, extraction and debriefing systems.