Hands-On Ultrasound Training Available from Your Personal Computer

With the SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution: SCCM Edition you can immediately access online SonoSim®courses and use
the SonoSim®sensor to perform hands-on scanning using your personal computer. The expansive hands-on training library
covers a wide range of point-of-care cases chosen specifically for critical care clinicians by SCCM experts. There are 50 SonoSim®
cases available that cover a broad spectrum of normal and pathologic cases, with new cases added on an ongoing basis.

• Virtually scan real patient ultrasound cases comprising a myriad of pathologies.
• Use the exact probe movements the original expert sonographers used to scan the original patients.
• Obtain probe-positioning guidance to assist psychomotor skill development.
• Experience the tactile sensation of using an actual ultrasound probe to scan a patient, resulting in authentic and life-like

To purchase this virtual patient-imaging training solution, visit www.sccm.org/store.