Fundamental Critical Care Support, Sixth Edition, Now Available

The Fundamental Critical Care Support (FCCS) course has been updated and enhanced to reflect the latest research and the most effective training approaches in critical care. The sixth edition curriculum emphasizes case-based education, with scenarios that mirror clinical reality.
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Sixth Edition Highlights:
  • New Course Textbook
    • The FCCS textbook has updated material in all chapters, following the latest literature and current guidelines including more than 30 new case studies. The textbook is available in print and electronic formats.
  • Enhanced Skill Stations
    • More relevant: Skill stations have been redesigned to better integrate the core principles taught in the lectures.
    • Customizable: Course directors and instructors can choose relevant content from a variety of integrated scenarios.
  • Updated Pre- and Posttests 
    • Pre- and posttests feature questions emphasizing clinical and practical application.
  • More Interactive Self-Directed Course
    • The self-directed course has been enhanced with more interactive content to engage the learner. Content includes added videos, matching exercises, list ordering, and use of tabs for improved content organization.