Research Business Line

2016 - 2 April - SCCM’s Quality Improvement Initiatives
Greg S. Martin, MD, MSc, FCCM; Ruth M. Kleinpell, RN-CS, PhD, FCCM
This article discusses the activities and initiatives of the Research Business Line.

SCCM organizational activities, including programs, products and services, are arranged around “business lines,” one of which is the Research business line. This line, with its goals of promoting, supporting and disseminating critical care research, includes:

• Critical Care Medicine
• Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
• Scientific Review Committee
• Distinguished Investigator Award
• SCCM-Weil Research Trust
• Research Network Task Force

It is directed by SCCM staff partners Brian Schramm, CAE, and Katie Brobst, with guidance from SCCM Council members Greg S. Martin, MD, MSc, FCCM, and Jose L. Pascual, MD, PhD, FACS, who assumed Ruth Kleinpell’s role in February 2016.

During the past year, the Research business line has explored its strategic direction and discussed how all of its programs can help move SCCM’s research agenda forward, as well as identify potential strategic collaborations among programs.

Under the new editorial guidance of Timothy G. Buchman, MD, PhD, MCCM, in 2015, Critical Care Medicine emphasizes the importance of publishing science that defines and improves clinical practice. Similarly, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine continues to promote the publication of pediatric research, with Patrick M. Kochanek, MD, MCCM, as editor.

The Scientific Review Committee reviewed a record number of research applications. The committee, under the guidance of Chair Hannah Wunsch, MD, MSc; Vice-Chair John J. Whitcomb, PhD, RN, FCCM; and Past Chair Sheila A. Alexander, PhD, RN, conducted reviews of 42 grant submissions for the 2016 SCCM-Weil Research Grants (formerly known as Vision Grants). The committee also reviewed 25 outstanding applications for the THRIVE grant as part of two new SCCM grant opportunities.

Six applications were received for the 2016 American College of Critical Care Medicine Distinguished Investigator Award. This award is presented each year to an SCCM clinical investigator who has significantly contributed to the understanding of disease or treatment of critically ill patients.
The SCCM-Weil Research Trust was created in 2015 to fund research grants in perpetuity. The trust currently helps fund the Society’s SCCM-Weil Research Grant program, and will support the expansion of critical care research in the future. For more information, visit

The Research Network Trials Task Force, co-chaired by Greg S. Martin, MD, MSc, FCCM, and Vinay M. Nadkarni, MD, FCCM, worked to complete a white paper summarizing infrastructure and activities of major, existing critical care clinical trials groups and recommendations for SCCM Council to consider regarding the support and conduct of critical care clinical trials.

Collectively, the Research business line is working to create an encompassing research strategy for the Society. As such, the contributions of volunteer members who participate in this line are instrumental in advancing the work of the Society and are most appreciated!