ICU Management Business Line

2015 - 5 October – 45th Critical Care Congress Advance Program
Lewis J. Kaplan, MD, FCCM
This article discusses the activities and initiatives of the ICU Management Business Line.

Home to multiple groups of hard working volunteers, the ICU Management Business Line has a variety of productive endeavors.  This Business Line encompasses Billing and Coding, the NP/PA e-Learning Task Force, the Tele-ICU Committee, the Ethics Committee, and the Grenvik Family Award for Ethics and ICU Design Citation Award Committees. This Business Line is led by SCCM Council members Lewis J. Kaplan, MD, FCCM, and Sandra L. Kane-Gill, PharmD, MS, FCCM, and staff partners Diana Hughes, CAE, and Colette Punda.

Billing and Coding supports member education throughout the year through the Coding Corner feature in Critical Connections, as well as durable courses at Congress and publications addressing concerns for providers of all specialties, including specific regulations governing advanced practice providers (APPs). 

Relatedly, the NP/PA e-Learning Task Force has been tremendously productive this year. Drawing on a vast pool of individual expertise, this group has identified existing SCCM resources and grouped them in a curriculum-like fashion that focuses on basic and advanced concepts key to APP success in critical care.  They also launched a very successful course in 2015 and another one is being planned for 2017. The efforts of this task force were considered necessary to meet the ongoing needs of our membership. This task force will be transformed into a standing committee in 2016.
As telemedicine expands in unexpected ways, the Tele-ICU Committee continues to explore and publish on issues in regulation, billing, and technology to support how SCCM members utilize and benefit from this growing approach to ICU safety, quality and outreach. 

Serving in a pivotal role, the Ethics Committee shoulders some of the most difficult aspects of critical care.  This group provides case studies, webcasts and publications that provide guidance and support member understanding of deployable ethical concepts that impact daily care. 

The ICU Management Business Line proudly hosts two award-based committees whose work is often challenging from a complexity and time standpoint, but each year they reliably bring you the most worthy individuals, teams or designs in their domains.